Stay Home – Stay Positive

In a world turned upside-down by a pandemic while been holed up at home for weeks and you may see people who do pass by outside the window are wearing masks.

But everything is An-OK.

Time heals everything. Give time, some time.

If you have a stint to be bored at home, then you have a stint to change yourself too.

It’s time to challenge yourself! Comprehend your boredom as an opportunity to calibrate your goals, learn something new, or change your life’s path. You can explore your own self and evoke on your own dreams you missed, sightsee your true interests and capabilities since this could be the one last chance given to you in your life to re-think and re-schedule your own soul, re-diagnose your opportunities, realize your own flying colours that you may feel grateful in the near future.

I wish you would not get lost in this self-quarantine by panicking over the latest news or scrolling through social media. It’s a high time to move on, after COVID-19; stronger, clearer, calmer and cleverer than before.

  • If you feel you missed being with your family: You have plenty of free time to spend just few simple hours of entertainment with your loved ones; Just be with them, talk to them. Spread love and kindness. Share your creativity. Share your pieces of little stories. Try new dishes together. Do some gardening. Or you can experience some “Virtual Travelling” with them.
  • If you feel you missed starting something Innovative & fresh: Start it now, Just now. Make a bucket full of actions you may achieve. Change your stance and look on everything that you may be able to do during this lockdown. You can focus on your fitness. Flinch a Blog just like I did. Probe your painting skills. Start meditation. Try doing “Calligraphy”. Learn to play an instrument.
  • If you feel you missed reading a book you love: This is the high time to start reading a good book. There are lavished e-sources are vacant and waiting for you. Time to investigate your best hobby; it could be “Lockdown Reading”. Free applications can be downloaded easily. Try out AnyBooks & If you are bored reading; you can still listen to your favorite books. Just break through &
  • If you feel you missed learning something new:  It’s a boundless time to master a trending skill. Ample sources and resources are awaiting for you. All online. Often 100% free or for an affordable fee. You can gross your self-satisfaction after completion too. Just put your eye into Edx, Coursera, Udemy. Or simply you can get access for LinkedIn learning. 

So, hope you make your survival a good jump during this lockdown. Remember that, “Every dark cloud has a Silver Line”. Money, luxuries and materials are not the foremost things that flourishes your life. It appends your self-worth and your life’s satisfaction too. Don’t miss this chance, put on your thinking hats, discover your own comforts that you missed realizing during your rat race.



35 thoughts on “Stay Home – Stay Positive

  1. Nice words and inspiring ideas! We must learn to concern on the positive consequences of each situation. Respect for your thoughts and the effort. Well done and all the best.

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  2. Amazing shanki 😍❤️ Love it waiting for the next 🤗
    Never knew you had this hidden talent 🥰
    Loved this line a lot – “Money, luxuries and materials are not the foremost things that flourishes your life. “

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  3. Awsome blog Shanki… Indeed, it is time to think about ourself and time to spend with loved ones….
    Keep on posting enlivening and exciting blogs….😊

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  4. The circumstance has generated a little blockade to the peoples general life style these days. But you have nicely touched upon the little things they can do to make it bearable or if they are into it much better than it is now. Nicely done 😊

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  5. Appreciate your great effort and this piece is really affecting and inspiring, an eye opener to do things and to see beautiful things happening which were missed by all of us.Thank you for spreading healthy lifestyle and shaping the mindsets of people. Keep up the great work Shanki!!!

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  6. Very Inspirational and an amazing thought at this situation.

    Hope you continue this and spread the message Across everyone.

    Cheers 🥂

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  7. Really inspirational writing… people rarely get opportunities to take time and think about there life’s… this made me think on what I have missed out my life and the chance to get them right again

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